Getting to Your Opponent's Head in Texas Holdem

Because a lot of players know that the mental game is an important aspect of Texas Holdem, a majority of newcomers try to use this strategy in their tactics. However, you must know how to do it properly to make sure it does not miscarry.

A lot of new Texas Holdem players try to intimidate their opponents by talking tough. They would come to the table, and announce to everyone that they play Poker for a living. When they win a hand, these players will often point to the other guys on the Poker how they won the hand, and how they would play in this or that situation.

This Texas Holdem strategy for trying to get to your opponent mentally will not work. In fact, it will have the opposite effect. By approaching the table and proclaiming that you are a good player (true or not) the other individuals on the table will either gang up on you, or play it tight whenever you make a call or raise.

In addition, by telling the other Poker players how you won the game, you do not scare them by showing off your skills; what they will do is learn from you. If you keep telling them how you play, they will pick up and use those very same Texas Holdem strategy and tactics against you.

The way to properly get into your opponent's head is by doing the opposite. You should never be too vocal about your skills. In fact, it would be a good idea to project the image that you are a tourist. Do not tell them how long you have been playing. The less they know about it, the better.

By looking like a tourist and playing tight aggressive you will effectively confuse your opponents. Another Texas Holdem tactic that you can use is to occasionally play with marginal hands like pockets 44s 55. Once you make a set and win with these hands, you should show it to your opponents. By showing them that you do play with weak and even throwaway hands, they will have an even more difficult time figuring you out.

The more time your Texas Holdem opponents spend trying to decipher your, the more mentally strained they will become. A lot of times this will even induce a tilt. This will work to your favor and help you win a lot of games.