Retired Businessman Chris Bigler Turns to Poker

Chris Bigler did not really plan of becoming a professional poker player. Actually, he was seriously involved in his profession as a businessman and did not have time to play poker. But when he grew tired of conducting business presentations and meetings, he decided to retire and to try his luck in playing poker.

Born in Switzerland on February 11, 1949, it was Chris Bigler's travel to Las Vegas, Nevada in 1997 that gave him the opportunity to play poker. After such experience, he vowed to exert his effort in improving his poker skills, which he was able to do without failure. He admitted that he started studying poker by reading several books written by such professional poker players as Doyle Brunson, Mike Caro, and David Sklansky. He then started applying everything he read every time he was in front of poker tables.

In 1999, Chris Bigler became the first Swiss professional poker player to ever make it to the final table of the main event of the World Series of Poker. This professional poker player finished fifth place at the US$10,000 No Limit Hold'em main event of the World Series of Poker. In such event, this professional poker player took home a sum of US$212,420.

It seems as if Chris Bigler has really been doing his homework well because this professional poker player from Switzerland just gets better and better each time he positions himself at poker tables. In fact, it was in 2001 when this professional poker player finished first place at the World Poker Challenge event. He also successfully played at the Four Queens Poker Classic event in the same year.

Indeed, this professional poker player has already played in quite a number of poker events. He also had the opportunity to play at the Los Angeles Poker Challenge event. He joined such poker event twice, once in 2003 and another in 2006, and emerged victorious in both years.

Chris Bigler also joined the first tournament ever conducted by the World Poker Tour, wherein this professional poker player finished fifth. This professional poker player also participated in the Gold Rush event conducted by the World Poker Tour, in which he placed second, losing to professional poker player Paul Darden.

From live poker tournaments alone, Chris Bigler has already accumulated a total sum of more than US$1,400,000.

This professional poker player, who is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, also experienced being a senior poker consultant for Web sites that featured poker games. His exposure to both online poker and live poker events has honed his skills in determining whether a poker player is a novice online player or a novice live poker player.